Awakening of the Feminine Root

The bowl of the pelvis and the perineum are the physical ground of a woman experience and a fundamental place for inquiring the relationship we have established with our wild feminine.

How present and awake do you feel in the root of your feminine body? How often do you journey into that area of your body and connect with your inner ground? How often do you listen to her wishpers, to her screams?

Unfortunately in our society most of what happens in that sacred area is either covered by a veil of shame and silence, either extremely sexualised or even pornified. The result of it is that many women are locked out of their inner ground and experience a real difficulty to connect and speak about it. To share about its wonders and its pains. Its vibrant and powerful manifestations, its challenges and sorrows. Constant pelvic pain, urine leakage, numbness, sense of unworthiness, pain during sexual intercouse, bowel disfunction, prolapse, a sense of general disconnection from this area are just some of the many ways our body is trying to attract our attention, asking for our care, presence and love in our root.Wheter you’re touched by any symptoms or you’re just feeling called to deepening your connection with your sacred feminine ground, this workshop is an invitation to dive into the pelvic bowl, exploring and understanding the potential and energy that is treasured there and becoming more aware of the relationship you have established in your life with this fundamental space of your female body.

This is a workshop in itself but can be also taken as an introduction to the workshop «Awakening the feminine root, celebrating the feminine ground».

Der Abendworkshop ist keine Voraussetzung, um am Tagesworkhop teilnehmen zu können. Er kann aber als Vorbereitung genutzt werden. Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt.

Awakening the feminie root, celebrating the feminine ground

Being present and aware of our female root is a fundamental element that allows us to feel safe, grounded in our inner authorithy to embody the full potential of our being and its creative and sexual expression. The health and vitality of our root is deeply affected by postures, life experiences (pregnancy, childbirth, abuses, traumas, chronic stress…), cultural and social beliefs, emotions and thoughts and it translates into patterns that can support or inhibit our experience of being a woman, and the range of expression of the wild feminine within us.

Exploring our pelvic bowl and the keystone of our sacred inner architecture, the perineum, means diving into the richness and complexity of our woman’s experience. Connecting with her beauty and wonder, her wounds and shadows. It’s an open door to the understanding of our own relationship with the wild feminine within us, and a possibility to transform it into a vibrant everyday reality.

Through experiential anatomy, the subtleties of a very powerful energetical approach and different kind of movements, bodywork and practices we will journey together into this very sacred, powerful and vulnerable place. The aim of this inquiry is to find ways to reconnect with the uniqueness of the alphabet of our inner landscape and introduce elements and tools for self-care and self-healing in daily life.


In this workshop you will:
– discover how your body have internalized and embodied life’s experiences and societal messages about your femininity

– inquiry and learn about the tension patterns of your root and ways to release it

– how to acknowledge, listen, honor and celebrate your root in your daily experience

– how to reconnect with the wider range and potentialof your inner landscape to embody who you deeply you

Since Marta was a child she has been fascinated by the mystery held in ancient stories and mythology around the Great Mother and the Deep Feminine. She has been studying, researching and travelling to many places around the world, held by this strong connection with Her.

Marta loves to create spaces where women remember together the inner wisdom held in her depths, unleashing the unique beauty and power that pulses inside of all women.

Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt.

Dozentin: Marta Mezzino,

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash