Trantra Introduction & Day Workshop

Trantra Introduction 

An entry point for those who would like to know more about this work and about Tantra.

What is Tantra? What are its benefits? „The Nature of Tantra“ is an open call for those who would like to know more about this often misunderstood topic. This three-hour event includes an introductory talk, active meditation, and question and answer session. It is a glimpse into the work that Laura offers in longer workshops and retreats and the perfect opportunity to feel whether this way of working resonates with you.

Tantra uses sexuality as a portal to enter into our unconscious depths. The sexual energy is the basic energy of the being; when it is impeded we are unable to reach our full potential. Working with this energy is like a diagnostic to help bring awareness to blockages and distortions, and to bring this current of energy back into the light.

One day exploration 

A chance to put knowledge into practice.

This workshop is an all-day dive into the practice that was introduced in The Nature of Tantra. It will run about six hours with a lunch break. This is a chance to move the conceptual understanding into the body and to start to have an experience of this energy as it expresses. There will be no nudity or explicit exercises, but there may be some partner work aimed to shine light on our capacity for intimacy and connection.

We will receive different tools that will help us to get in touch with our energy, and have space to share, to connect and to deepen. There is no pre-requisite, but it’s helpful to have attended a Nature of Tantra session.


Die Workshops findet auf Englisch statt. Die Workshops können einzeln gebucht werden. Der Abend Workshop bietet einen kleinen Einblick in Lauras Arbeit und kann zum kennen lernen genutzt werden.
Der Tagesworkshop baut nicht auf dem Abendworkshop auf. 

Auch für Männer!

Laura merges traditional Yoga and Tantra with breath work, psycho-spiritual inquiry and dynamic meditation to create an experience of presence and embodiment. From this place the participants are guided through an individual process which maps out the patterns and mental conditioning present in their relating and allows them to take responsibility for their lives rather than feel victims of fate.