Reclaiming your creative fire: an exploration into ovarian energy and the wisdom of the cyclical body.

Ovarian energy is fundamental for any woman’s creation and the very sacred source of life force utilized in making children and any other form of creation a woman can manifest into the world. The ovaries nourish the whole female body system and are essential to revitilize a woman’s womb space. When in balance, the right and left ovary host the perfect sinergy between receptive and projective power that allow the expression of any kind of creation.
When we come out of that balance, we feel drained, powerless, lacking of inspiration, with no energy to nourish our own projects and desires,  unconsciously giving our fire away or allowing others to steal our inner flame, denying our own deep desire and expression and the fundamental right of fully live the nourishment of our sexual creative energy.

Are you aware of how you use your inner creative fire everyday and how to fully embody its transforming presence within the cyclical rhythm of your body?

How do you take care of your creative energy in your daily life?


In this workshop we will:

learn how to connect with and listen to our ovarian energy and understand its functioning and the very powerful resource they are in our creative life
explore different patterns of unbalance and learn how to bring a new balance into our whole system
explore the cyclical rhythm of our body and the importance to honor it in order to allow our creative energy to flow
inquiry into movements and postures that allow, free and the stimulate the flow of our creative sexual energy.
The first part of the workshop will be more thoretical, the second part more experiential.
Women of any age are welcome !

our tool : circle work, meditation, inner body movement, deep body listening, drawing

Women of any age are welcome!

Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt. Eine Übersetzung kann gestellt werden, wenn Teile nicht verstanden werden!

Dozentin: Marta Mezzino,

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash

The Wisdom of Your Cyclical Body - am 31.10.&1.11.
Preis: 200 Euro
Kursleiter:Marta Mezzino
jeweils 10-18 Uhr; Anmeldung bitte über